■Countries with which we transact

U.S., Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Brazil
We can also ship our products to other countries. First, please send us an inquiry.

■Shipping method

The shipping method used varies depending on the size of the product and raw materials used.
A plant quarantine is required for tatami mats that are made of soft rush.
*For overseas deliveries, we only ship tatami mats made using construction material flooring as some countries ban the import of straw.

■Cost, customs duties and delivery lead-time

The quoted amount varies depending on the region where you live, and the price and size of the product ordered.
Please feel free to send us your inquiry using the inquiry form.

Buyer registration

■Registration conditions

Limited to those who can settle payment in advance using PayPal

■Trading terms

Please discuss the payment method with us if you are going to continue trading with us.